Missions Extravaganza Inviter Card


Woman’s Missionary Union of North Carolina (WMU NC) is a religious nonprofit that focuses on Leadership Development, Missions Education, and Compassion Ministries. Each year they host a statewide conference that highlights the organization while acting as a retreat and leadership training.


WMU NC is an aging organization that was looking for more involvement from younger generations. In 2020, they had planned to partner with another church event for young women called THRIVE. The conference needed updated branding to appeal to a new audience, and easy marketing material the women could use to invite young women from their churches. 


The official title for the conference was “2020 Missions Extravaganza and Annual Meeting” with a theme of “Steadfast Pursuit.” I created an inviter card, simplifying the language to focus only on the theme. I connected the two separate events together by integrating THRIVE into the benefits. Though the 2020 conference was ultimately canceled due to the COVID pandemic, the inviter cards were a huge success in helping women established in WMU inform younger women about the organization and what it has to offer them.