FitDesk Lead Generator


FitDesk manufactures and sells fitness equipment that integrates into office and school settings. Their most popular products are Bike Desks and Under Desk Cycles and Ellipticals. 


FitDesk recognized the benefits to students and teachers of having FitDesk products in classrooms, but knew funding for these products would be difficult to get in public school systems. They wanted to go straight to the most passionate stakeholders in education, the teachers, to empower them with the knowledge and resources to request and fund FitDesks for their classrooms.


I started with the pain points teachers experience on a daily basis: disengaged kids, challenging classroom management, and few resources to help solve these problems. To address each challenge, I streamlined information on how exercise benefits kids’ behavior and academic performance, suggested entities teachers could contact for help in funding for these products, and offered tips and tricks for grant writing and asking for funding. This gave teachers tools to use so that FitDesk products could become a reality in their classrooms. 

The relationship between FitDesk and the branding company I was working for dissolved before this Lead Generator was sent to a designer, but it demonstrates a piece that includes valuable content and copy working together.